Swapnil Bhavsar

I am a full-stack developer, using both PHP and JavaScript at my work. I love working with Laravel & Vue.js and have used them in many projects for clients.

I live in Pune, Maharashtra (India). It is a calm, peaceful city and has all the amenities nearby.

I started freelancing 8 years ago and haven't looked back since then! I started taking client work since my college days. Before that, I used to work in a professional photo studio, where I learned about photography and design skills.

These days, there was a hunger for learning, I backed up myself with skills like Photoshop, web design along HTML, CSS and PHP. After the rise of Laravel, I moved my focus toward PHP and JavaScript. I am pretty happy with the thing turnout since then.

Today, I work as Technical Lead at Square1. At Square1, I work passionately on building next-generation web/mobile apps for our clients.