Just like everyone, I'm too fond of what things we use to make our work better. Here are the things I use which keep me productive.


  • Mac Mini M1 (2020) - I use Mac Mini M1 8GB RAM from 2020. It is a very fast machine. And if you are wondering about 8GB RAM, I found it is more than enough for my daily workload.
  • DELL 2520D 2K Monitor - I use a DELL 2520D monitor. It is a USB-C monitor and provides wide color coverage with 95% DCI-P3. I use it with HiDPI mode with BetterDisplay app.
  • Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse - I am using Apple Magic keyboard/mouse in my daily work for quite a few years. They are solid and trusty. I just don’t like the charging mechanism of the Magic mouse.
  • Blue Yeti Microphone - Blue Yeti is a solid microphone to get you started. I am using it with Compass boom arm and Radius shock mount.
  • iPhone XR - Yes! I am still using iPhone XR as my primary phone. It is still running solid and fast. I don't see any reasons to upgrade it as per my needs.


  • Visual Studio Code - I was a Sublime Text guy until the last two years. Now, I have completely switched to Visual Studio Code and enjoying the robustness of the editor. I am rocking the Cobalt2 theme by Wes Bos with the recently launched JetBrains Mono font.
  • Firefox - I switched to Firefox from the past one year, and I am not regretting it. It is fast, has great developer tools, has tracking protection and I can’t live without the Container tabs.
  • iTerm2 - I am using iTerm2 version 3 as my default terminal app. It is simple and fast.
  • 1Password - I use 1Password as my password manager. It is one of the best-looking apps on my machine, it is a well-designed app. 1Password has this browser to desktop integration feature, which I love the most.
  • TickTick - My to-do & notes app. TickTick offers native apps for each platform, which makes it fast. I use it every day to keep myself productive.
  • TablePlus - Another fast & well-designed app. It is my favorite database management tool after Sequel Pro. You can use it for managing almost all types of databases.
  • Fork - Git from terminal works. But for complex work, instead of Googling for git commands, I use Fork. It is once again a beautifully designed native git GUI client.
  • Postman - I use Postman for API testing. It has become my favorite API testing tool after Insomnia. It offers a cloud synchronization feature, which like the most.
  • Figma - In no time, Figma has become my go-to tool for designing. It offers team collaboration and works on any platform.
  • ColorSlurp - There are some tools which are small but save you a lot of time. ColorSlurp is one of them! Just press ⌘+⌥+C and pick the color on screen in any format.
  • Spotify - Just like everyone else, I use Spotify for listening to music and podcasts.


  • DigitalOcean/Linode - I like to use a combination of DigitalOcean/Linode servers to host websites. They both offer a simple interface to create servers with great pricing.
  • Netlify - What can I say more about Netlify! It is a superfast & free service to host your static sites.
  • Vercel - I recently started using Vercel for hosting Nuxt.js/Next.js sites. It offers a serverless platform, which means you get server-side rendered JavaScript/Node apps for free.
  • GitHub - I use GitHub to host my git repositories. It has a nicer interface, which like the most. I also use it for internal team collaboration.